Exhibition at the Korčula Town Museum

…on September 17, 2021, with the media support of Radio Korčula. A special jingle announcement was made for the exhibition, also the recording statements from the exhibition were included in the ecological program of Radio Korčula “Eko, eko” and in the informative program “Tjednik”.
Total number of students who visited the exhibition at the Korcula Town Museum:
lower grades of Petar Kanavelić Korčula Elementary School 132 students, 9 teachers, 4 teaching assistants
lower grades of Ante Curać Elementary School Pinjac Žrnovo next to Pupnat Regional School, 24 students, 4 teachers. VII. classes of Petar Kanavelić Elementary School 57 students, 3 class teachers
Others: local visitors 25, foreign visitors 110
Visibility: web and FB pages of the City Museum of Korcula, FB pages of Radio Korcula, announcements on Radio Korcula, HRT- Radio Dubrovnik.