The Oceanography Centre, a research unit at the University of Cyprus (OC-UCY) carries out several activities including marine biological and ecological research, satellite remote sensing, and in-situ monitoring.

Marine biological research at OC-UCY focuses on the investigation of marine biodiversity and abundance in the Levantine, and on the mapping of coastal areas in Cyprus. OC-UCY also carries out environmental impact assessments and performs water analyses for nutrient concentrations. In particular, OC-UCY actively contributes to the enhancement of knowledge concerning marine life which is essential to the determination of the legislation regarding the adaptation to climate change. OC-UCY also assesses the effects of climate change through the study of biodiversity by monitoring physical parameters and recording invasive species. The OC-UCY is currently an active participant in the Interreg Mediterranean 2014-2020 BLUEMED project, as well as the CIESM marine biology programs Tropical Signals (monitoring invasive species) and JellyWatch (monitoring jellyfish populations).