BWI carries out activities in science, conservation and education of the marine environment. The Science programme focus on the ecology of the large marine vertebrates of the Adriatic. Main focus is research of resident populations of coastal bottlenose dolphins.

Research on Lošinj, carried out since 1987 is the longest continuous research on one resident population of bottlenose dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea. Field methods include photoidentification, environmental, behavioural & biopsy sampling, while analysis focuses on population size, trends, abundance and distribution, habitat use and use modelling, population structure, social interactions, evolutionary genetics, feeding habits and fisheries interaction, pollution and physiological response etc. Research on sea turtles include fisheries interaction, migration patterns identification through satellite tagging and injured turtles recovery. The Education activities cover all ages and interest groups. Kindergarten and school programs are licensed by Croatian Teacher’s training agency and can be part of school curricula. University students receive ECTS points for participation in different programs, while they can also complete degree thesis with us. In addition, numerous activities (workshops, lectures, events, public appearances, documentary films etc.) are carried out with the aim of raising of public awareness on different aspects of environmental and species conservation. Main centre for activities is the Lošinj Marine Educational Centre, the first of its kind on the Adriatic coast providing space for a permanent exhibition and specialist facilities for structured educational programmes. The Conservation programme translates the research findings into management plans for the protection of marine vertebrates and their habitats. Activities include development and advancement of Croatian Natura2000 network, local and regional conservation plans, international conservation policy framework development etc.