6th International Marine Conservation Congress

The Blue World Institute and the University of Primorska conducted extensive field in summer of 2018 and 2019 in Istria, Coratia in collaboration with local set net fishermen. Net illumination was tested for reducing sea turtle bycatch. Obtained results were analysed so the scientific committee can decide how to continue with this conservation action. As this work has scarcely been done in Europe and is very interesting, it was submitted for presentation at 6th International Marine Conservation Congress. A poster presentation was accepted and presented at the online event. The importance of our work was recognized by the editorial board of the Congress and invited to be published as a standalone scientific paper in the conference proceedings as a part of special issue of Frontiers in Marine Science.

LINK: IMCC 2020_Kiel_Effects of LED light in set nets

Blue World Institute, Croatia
University of Primorska, Department of Biodiversity, Slovenia