Blue World Institute celebrated World Sea Turtle Day

As every year, 16th of June 2018 was the date saved for the celebration of the World Sea Turtle Day! This year, as part of the educational activities on LIFE EUROTURTLES project („Collective Actions for Improving the Conservation Status of the EU Sea Turtle Populations“), Blue World Institute celebrated this important date by organizing a workshop for children at Ridimutak Beach at the island of Lošinj. During the workshop children of different age had the opportunity to learn more about biology and life cyclus of sea turtles. Most attractive part of the workshop was the presentation of sea turtle’s nesting on a sandy beach. Additionaly, children have learned about the major threats that sea turtles are facing in the sea – bycatch in fishing gear and marine litter. The aim was to point out at what everyone of us can do in order to protect this endangered species.