Sea turtles: mysterious inhabitants of the Adriatic sea

As part of public awareness activities of the LIFE EUROTURLES project, Department of Biodiversity at UP FAMNIT organized a series of lectures about sea turtles of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea. Lectures took place in Maribor (University of Maribor, 2.3.2017), Vipava (University of Nova Gorica, 9.3.2017), Ljubljana (University of Ljubljana, 16.3.2017) and Velenje (Environmental Protection College, 22.3.2017) and were attended by bachelor and master students of natural and environmental sciences study programs as well as the general public. Principal investigator at UP FAMNIT, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bojan Lazar, comprehensively presented sea turtles and their conservation in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea together with the aims of the LIFE EUROTURLES project –to improve the conservation status of the EU populations of two priority sea turtle species, the loggerhead turtle and the green turtle.