Summer 2018: results from monitoring of nesting sites in Italy

Very positive results from the sea turtles breeding season on the Italian coasts in 2018.
The operators of the Euroturtles project have identified and protected 26 nests (23 in Sicily, 2 in Puglia and 1 in Basilicata regions), with 1292 hatchlings who were able to reach the sea. In 2017, the monitored nests were 15 with 329 hatchlings.

The causes of this increase are currently being analysed by experts.

Surely, the monitoring activities carried out by WWF’s operators of the Euroturtles project helped to improve the identification of nests, and after the surveillance of nets the hatchling probabilities. Moreover, the application of drones contributed to identify a larger number of nests. Finally, the outreach activities towards citizens and tourists contributed to gather prompt reports on the presence of sea turtles’ traces along the beaches, thus to activate WWF operators in monitoring the nests.