Testing trammel nets equipped with LED lights in Croatia

On 09th July, a research team will continue testing the effectiveness of visual deterrents in reducing sea turtle bycatch. Two researchers will be setting modified trammel nets equipped with green-coloured light-emitting diodes (LED) in collaboration with a fisherman operating in the waters off Savudrija, Croatia. Several hundred lights will be attached to the nets, spanning approximately 1.5 kilometres in length. Modified nets will be set alongside conventional nets and the catch from both will be monitored and analysed to look for differences in the numbers of bycaught sea turtles. The composition and quantity of fish caught in modified gear will also be recorded to test whether the use of mitigation measures dependant on visual deterrents significantly affects the catch of target species. This activity is part of several planned actions aimed at mitigating the negative impact of fisheries on sea turtle bycatch and mortality.