Rescue network and centers

The project will increase the capacity of the current rescue networks to successfully rescue and release sea turtles found injured or ill. Many injured turtles are reported by the Rescue networks in Greece, Croatia, and Cyprus and transferred to the Rescue Centres for treatment. However, these are just a part of those in need of care, because many are simply not reported, and the success rate of a treatment also depends on the facilities available. Upgrading the Rescue Network and the Rescue Centres can significantly improve this situation, especially in cases where the limits of the facilities have already been met and the number of turtles in need of treatment is increasing (e.g. in Greece). The project will upgrade existing facilities in Greece, Croatia and Cyprus, by purchasing new tanks, installing or replacing plumbing network and pumps, purchasing veterinary equipment, etc. The project will also upgrade the rescue (reporting) network where necessary (Greece, Croatia, Cyprus), allowing turtles to be promptly rescued, with a shorter waiting time and hence a lower mortality.