Zadarski list, Zadar

Zadarski list is the first and only daily newspaper in Zadar. The paper was first launched as a weekly in 1994, and has been a daily newspaper since 1998. Zadarski list covers all actual topics from the Zadar region, and also brings news from the country and the world.

Article „Čuvajmo naše morske kornjače“ in a school magazine, Modra lasta No. 8

Modra Lasta is a Croatian teen school magazine for young people. It comes out once a month during the school year, on about 52 pages. The journal is interesting, educative and fun; it follows the curriculum of higher grades of elementary school, but also topics interesting to this generation such as music, fashion, film, love and other topics interesting to young people.

The paper Sea turtles without borders – EU project “LIFE – Euroturtles”

“How to bring nature protection closer to the students” is published in the Proceedings of the 10th Meeting of Museum Educators with International Participation. It presents the educational activities of the project. This paper was presented as a public presentation at the 10th Meeting of Museum Educators with international participation “Borders and Visions” held from 7 to 10 November 2018. in Makarska. About 100 participants attended that conference.
The presentation of the „LIFE – Euroturtles“ project in this Proceedings is important because it is distributed not only to all Croatian museums and some museums in the region and abroad, but also to school libraries so that, besides museum educators and curators, also teachers can be informed and learn about the project and how to get involved.

Professional museum journal Vijesti muzealaca i konzervatora

It brings current news about the activities of the museum, reviews of exhibitions, publications, what`s going on in the museum scene in Croatia and in the world, etc. It is annual journal in a circulation of 600 pieces. The journal is distributed free of charge to members of the Croatian Museum Society, also it is exchanged for related professional journals and it can also be purchased at museum stores.
The article about the LIFE Euroturtles project and its cooperation with the Croatian Natural History Museum and local schools written by Renata Brezinščak was published in this issue.
Brezinščak, R. (2020): Croatian Museum of Natural History – museum, science, school / LIFE Euroturtles Project. Vijesti muzealaca i konzervatora 2020, str. 24 – 33, Hrvatsko muzejsko društvo, Zagreb.

LIFE euroturtles in “Dubrovački vjesnik”

Newspaper article about the LIFE Euroturtles project published in Dubrovački vjesnik, great regional Croatian daily newspaper in Dalmatia.

eTurtle app in the News at 12 of HRT1

Our eTurtle citizen science app already provided us with report about an unexpected visitor! After receiving a report on the observation of sea turtle in the Karin Sea, a shallow bay connected through series of complex channels with northern Adriatic, we closely inspected the uploaded video and realized that it is a juvenile green turtle. As observations and findings of green turtles in the northern Adriatic are quite rare (one has been recently found in Slovenia), the Croatian national TV brought a news on our citizen science app and green turtle in Karin Sea in the central News at 12. inviting viewers to download the app and help us in collecting the data on sea turtle observations.


If you understand Croatian you can check the video of the news

Lecture and workshops at the Croatian Natural History Museum

Lecture and workshops at the Croatian Natural History Museum on sea turtles, their biology, presence in the Adriatic Sea and protection:
– for students of the biology group of Primary School Tin Ujević, Zagreb
– workshop goals: to get acquainted with the biology of turtles and to inform about their presence in the Adriatic Sea and the need for their protection
Workshop leaders: Renata Brezinščak, museum educator / Educator of the Project Life – Euroturtles and Irena Grbac, Ph.D. zoologist

LIFE Euroturtles project presented on LIFE Info day

LIFE Info day was organised in Zagreb on 21. March 2017 by Croatian LIFE programme focal point. The aim of the info day was to present opportunities that LIFE programme offers to potential applicants interested in nature conservation.
During the info days a number of lecturers presented different information on several project types that can be funded through LIFE programme and how and when to apply.
To make this theoretical part more interesting, seven LIFE projects implemented in Croatia (LIFE Clim’Foot, LIFE.SU.SA.FRUIT, LIFE Old-Drava, LIFE ECOMETHYLAL, DRAVA LIFE, LIFE DINALP BEAR, LIFE EUROTURTLES) were presented
Dr. Draško Holcer, from Croatian Natural History Museum, coordinator of LIFE Euroturtles project presented the project aims, goals and activities.
In case you understand Croatian you can check the presentation here.
You can also learn more on the LIFE Info day and Croatian LIFE focal point here

European Natura 2000 day and 25th Anniversary of the LIFE Programme and of the Habitats Directive / Natura 2000 Network

On 21 May 1992. the LIFE Programme and the Habitats Directive have both approved. Since then they have successfully contributed to the preservation of our unique European natural heritage. The Habitats Directive created the EU Natura 2000 Network of protected areas which also includes the sites designated under the Birds Directive. This is one of Europe’s outstanding achievements.

To recognise this 25th anniversary, the European Commission together with the European Parliament, the Council and the Committee of the Regions will proclaim this year the 21st May as the “European Natura 2000 day” at a special event in Brussels. On this occasion and to mark the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE programme and of the Habitats Directive.

LIFE Euroturtles aims to take part in the celebrations by organising several events, so please check back on our web site.

You can see all the activities planned to celebrate the event on HTTP://WWW.LIFE-25.EU/

LOGO FOR THE WEB ANOUNCEMENT is at – HTTP://LIFE-25.EU/TOOLKIT/ under “LIFE 25 years logo and the Natura 2000 logo”

Response to comments regarding the protection of Sea Turtles and the actions of LIFE program

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR) expresses its regret regarding the publication in the media under the title “Shots fired by local authorities of Paphos against the Department of Fisheries” and wishes to clarify the following: The non-existent and unjust statements regarding the work of DFMR for the protection of sea turtles, through the relevant Program implemented since 1978, affect a Program that makes Cyprus proud in the field of environmental protection. The Sea Turtle Protection Program in Cyprus is recognized at European and international level as one of the most successful biodiversity protection programs and is evaluated by both the European Commission and the Barcelona Convention, in the framework of the Protocol on Specially Protected Areas and Biodiversity.